Wednesday, 29 December 2010

HRbeginner looks back at 2010.

This morning I woke up with butchers preparing their meat for display looking at it longer than normally, cashier at Tesco’s replied to my “Good morning” with significant delay and guys in Costa made their first cappuccino today with heavy sigh. Life is definitely slower in the early mornings, but today was sooooo much lazier. My body is just as slow in the morning with my toothbrush feeling heavy enough to consider brushing the teeth the morning exercise. Yet with my first sip of coffee my mind takes off. It is this slow pace of almost everything and everyone that makes me to overtake most of them. Anyway snow is gone and so is the Christmas (don’t take me wrong I hope the Xmas spirit stays with you for as long as you wish).
Before I bow to year 2010 and welcome the 2011, little reflection will do me good and so will be sharing it with you.

2010 year HRbeginner was born and learned to walk. Year when HR beginner finished his 5 years long journey exploring academic depths of Human Resources Management. Year when the winter road conditions helped him to scrap his car and his car insurance became an official fund for next year. It was year he decided to treat himself and love of his life with holiday in Turkey with some bad luck of Goldtrail getting busted causing significant increase of the costs (That didn’t stop him from enjoying every moment of his holiday). Year when he decided to compensate the lack of HR interaction in his current profession using twitter, linkedin and blogging (as you can see) and so mix with the rest of the HR community. Year of some frustration but also satisfaction, little desperation but plenty more of the tranquillity, year when “change” was nothing to be scared of and year when looking up didn’t cause any pain in the neck.
So, Dear 2010, no regrets again, it worked out just fine, and You 2011 - Hold tight as I am about to take you for a craaaazy ride.
With love
Your HRbeginner

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