Friday, 18 February 2011

10 Reasons Why You Willl Never Miss the #TruLondon Unconference Ever Again.

1. You are involved either directly or indirectly in people resourcing and you do understand that social media is not only a trend which you can’t afford to ignore but also biggest database of many talented candidates who have exactly what it takes to fill your vacancy.

2. There is no way you can be closer to what is known as best of the best in the recruitment industry, and now I am talking people as well as instruments to make your profession ticking like no other.

3. While current trends are being thoroughly discussed, at #TruLondon New Trends are born. You don’t want to miss that, and you want to be part of it.

4. There is no way you will find another time and space filled with enthusiasts keen to share, learn and have a great time alongside of it.

5. You will meet and have chance to talk to, challenge and have a drink with some worldwide recognised analysts, leaders, entrepreneurs, recruitment and social media geeks and experts.

6. Innovation and creativity is valued largely as most current topics are being discussed.

7. You will see it all: what is shared perception throughout the industry and across the world, but also spot different opinions on issues which have always seemed to be obvious and beyond questioning.

8. At #truLondon you will understand why Social Media and HR are couple. And what a couple it is. They not only love each other, but also constantly complement each other and think of each other while making critical decisions.

9. Setup of the unconference allows its attendees to be creative and ask questions as well as offer opinion on any matter almost instantly without waiting for (as known at conferences) speaker to finish.

10. It is great fun to be there where you learn more as you play along.


bindu said...

You have infact mentioned everything in detail..and this is true too...looking back to my experience in HR, after 12 years today one of my core skill is in recruitment and the whole credit goes to those days when I started my career as a peon in HR deparment:)) though designation wyse I was then HR Executive..After years I could realise why it was important then...

Your blog refreshed those struggling but golden days in my profession as HR...Thank You..

HR Beginner said...

Thank you for comment Bindu. I am glad you found it inspiring and hopefully so are and will be my other posts for you. If it comes to TruLondon there is new unconference coming up and I will strongly suggest to attend it if you can. Here is a link to the event

THank you again and keep coming back.

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