Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Loaded Theoretical Bomb. Personal Statement of HR Beginner

5 years I have been studying various subjects related to HRM. It was rather intensive full time journey with ups and downs on the way. Nevertheless I made it and I am proud of it. Today I have both BSc (2.1) and MSc degree in HRM and am proud Assoc CIPD member gathering documentation towards Charted MCIPD upgrade.

My professional development as a HR professional was always supported by my enthusiasm for this field. Active membership on various HR forums, tweeting about all current developments in HR and sharing my life of a “HR-beginner” on HRM today social network and on my blog can be an example of my “HR life”. Reading of professional journals and RSS feeds to keep in touch with all important development in HR world is at the moment my main source of keeping fit in HR sector. 

Last few years I had a great opportunity to implement my HR knowledge into everyday life of the organisations I have been working for. I have developed number of “Best Practice” procedures and conducted numeral HR studies involving hotel workforce. My eagerness to use my HR expertise together with my good inter-personal skills helped me to build consultancy relationship with General Manager and HR Manager of the hotel and my role has transformed into strongly focused on people development.

I do realise how volatile business and social environment became in last few years. Unstable economy and concerns of a society about future of almost everything from the way people are recognised, rewarded and developed all the way to the concept of corporate social responsibility. Current climate makes me strongly convinced about the importance of my role as a HR Thinking Performer. My ambitions are to become a forward looking professional who contributes on both organisational but also national level via regular publications of HR related articles. Should everything go smooth I see myself in couple of years studying for PhD and so improve my academic insight.
Nevertheless it is my personal goal to keep in touch with what is reality of a HR contribution to society and believe that HR professionals need to spend more time on the floor no matter how skilled their line managers are. While I am a great believer that "it is all about business" I also believe that influence of HR professionals lie way beyond business case scenarios and that even today function of HR is well underrated and very often misunderstood. I am willing to put all my effort into restructuring how this profession is perceived by all managers, staff, and whole society.

Currently I consider myself as a loaded bomb with theoretical knowledge and while I am well aware of a gap between HR Theory and Practice, working with and for people for over 15 years made me realise how important it is to be humble in presenting my ideas.

In regards to my professional development, there is nothing I wish more than opportunity to work for someone who can supervise my enthusiasm and let me grow towards becoming a HR Champion.

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