Monday, 25 July 2011

Look Mum...No Hands :-)

I know I have promised you a story of a job hunter and I will get it done I promise. There is a lot to tell and share with you. I am having a great time right now and trying to reflect on my past while there is so much going on in the present could end up very contra-productive. So first thing first. I will tell you about how am I doing right now while the feelings are nice and fresh, and will catch up with the past later on. 

OK By now you are probably wondering why did I choose "Look Mum ...No Hands...." as a name for this post. Those of you who follow my blog for some time, know that I've been going through some crazy years if it comes to my professional development. Those of you trying to convince me that "HRbeginner" is no longer name for me, this is not the post to prove you wrong, I will write one for you too, just another time. 

I would like to shout "look hands" but there is still too much of a wobbliness going on. One thing is for sure though. I don't remember when I have learned to ride my bicycle with no hands, but I remember that it was absolutely crucial for me to learn it as soon as possible. It was almost like riding bicycle itself was not important to me unless I could do it with style. 
Now, of course I have fallen few times and of course I was embarrassed by it. It was there and then when I've learned how important it was to assess my abilities realistically but I've also learned that the risk of riding bicycle with "no hands" was to cool not to risk the fall. (especially when girls were watching....and yes I did fall while they were watching) 

How much of a rational thinking does this include then. I knew I will most probably fall yet I did it anyway. Eventually I have learned to ride bicycle with no hands and it was pretty cool, but I could never thank for it to my rational reasoning or some freaking controlled environment. 

Hence one thing is to learn to assess your ability but another is to be able not to care too much as there might just be a higher principle. :-)

Thanks for reading / listening....