Monday, 20 December 2010

HR Tweeps I Learn to Walk from.

Inspired by TheHRD I have too decided to produce a list of people who whether they know it or not made my blogging baby days and life of HRbeginner smoother. Thanks to these guys I am learning how to walk in the world of HR, Blogging, Twitter and generally developing my new me.

First of all it is Lis Wilson from HRconnexions UK 
giving me a good kick start in both blogging and job hunt. In my post Blog as a Job Hunt Tool I talk more about how my cooperation with Lis influenced my decision to make the blog, part of my “job hunt” strategy. Lis also seems to read my other posts and gives me feedbacks. Talking of feedbacks you should know that for blog toddler as I am there is never enough of praise if you only just learn to walk.

and his blog inspired by J.P. Sartre's existentialism using quote "Hell is other people" to express the views most of us keep in our heads. This guy pulls it with little worries about what other people think, thanks to his anonymity to which some people have objections. Message to those who do have a problem with Mr.Incognito's model: TheHRD plays an important role in our HR sphere expressing things most of us do not dare to voice. He needs to protect himself from the human nature which tends to implement numerous biases in interaction with other people without looking for deeper meaning. We too have to protect the anonymity of TheHRD and hope for more of his wisdom coming out. 

for although I am sorry for him being in position of a jobseeker his courage to bring it up on his blog made me feel that I am not alone. Mervyn I know you very little (as everybody else's on this list) but from what other people say about you, you will get a job before the snow melts down.

for their work in HR SoMe interaction and for setting up Also for organising ConnectingHR tweetup for which I am looking forward to.

and her blog PunckRockHR being first HR blog I came across with and have been big fun ever since. 

for some great HR news tweets.

for getting some smart people talking about what really matters. "Ideas worth spreading"

for he and his blog exists and gives me some idea what I would like to achieve with my blog. 

 for his kindness in each of his tweets. Michael is real gentleman and keeps HR online community warm and cuddly.

Darren Rowse
aka problogger for as he himself says: "I blog about twitter and tweet about blogging. Sometimes I blog about tweeting about blogging and tweet about blogging about twitter." Great inspiration from this guy. 

HR generalist from California for giving me very extensive feedback for my blog some time a go leading to some major changes. Thank you Raina and good luck with your study.

who's tweets taught me that my tweets needs to be from this world. Caroline is a HR Academic from whom I learned that there is more than just HR to tweet about. (among other things, as I was proudly lectured by Caroline at University).

There are indeed more and more influencers coming into my network as well as loads more work needs to be done for me to be able to walk, talk, run and being listened to. My last words have to go to whole HR community living in shadow of a business case. We do make a difference in people’s life’s and any manager thinking otherwise is a twat.  

For me to carry on growing I need you all around me.
Watch me and let me watch You. 

Thank you and subscribe/follow/comment.

Happy Christmas to you all

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