Friday, 17 December 2010

Blog as a Job Hunt Tool

Recently I was approached by Lis Wilson from an online recruitment company with rather innovative approach to what they know best. Apart of very flexible and tailored package for companies with various hiring needs whether "on demand" or "on going", hrconnexions also play a role in supporting job seekers. Among many useful advices there is also a blog where i was featured in an interview about blogging and its potential of it being a job hunting tool. In the post "Blogging your way to get a Job - An Interview" I have answered some questions about why did I set up my blog and what are my intentions with it. I have also reflected on my blogging experience so far and gave some humble advice for people looking to start their own blog. There are indeed many experts out there who can point out my strengths and weaknesses if it comes to my blogging skills (if you are one of them please comment) but I am not saying that I am an expert. This interview was truly helpful for me in the way I could reflect on my blog as a space which could attract potential recruiters looking for my kind. Hence for the time being you might will see more side bars and other content related to my persona with an effort to show off. 

Dear Lis, Thank you for inspiring me to the idea of blogging and job hunting simultaneously. You play an important role in making online recruitment more than just someone's job and raising awareness as well as educating is without the doubt an important element of what "hrconnexions" team do.

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