Wednesday, 22 June 2011

After The Job Hunt Wave...

What a timing it was..... ONE DAY before my holiday I got a phone call confirming a job offer. Those of you following my tweets gathered the news via my #PetersCountdown where I have released 7 tweets slowly revealing this great news. 

8 months (give or take) is a time I have been hunting my new HR job down. Long,......I know, but let’s just say that there was no family waiting for the piece of meat to be dragged home (as I had a job to pay the bills), and that my time spent hunting was one of the greatest lessons I have learned in my recent life. Anyway, there is much more to come from me on this one but for now, let me tell you this:

Job Hunt is Easy - if you do all the right things!
Doing all the right things - is Hard! (now read Bold only)

While I have great need to talk about my 8 months long job hunt journey, today I want to say something else. It is about coming home from long hunting trip. All gear have been hidden, and while plan for a new, different kind of journey slowly gets its shape, now is the time I am treating myself with some quality time with friends and family. It is about new beginning as well as about reflection where no conclusions are made in rushed manner. It is time I am letting once again my family taking care of me. Time I get fed with food and do things which relate to the period in my life when I was safe from many beasts of modern society. Time when everything was fun as there was no need for complicated agenda full of different categories, and the only higher principle was “Carpe Diem”. It is seriously mind blowing how much I’ve changed (as we all do) over the years and while I am intrigued by why and how this transition happened, I am secretly drafting a plan how to bring some of the "old Peter" back from the past. 

Ok, now, before I go and start getting ready for my BBQ for group of friends, here is what you can expect from me next: 

In my new series “Memoirs of the Job Hunter” I will share every important aspect of this experience. I will talk about my ups and downs, my naiveté and the moments when I have won the respect of other HR professionals. I will tell you what I think about different approaches to job hunting and why in my opinion took it so long.

I will talk about the time I had to fight hungry bear and time when I couldn’t resist the view of the lake in beautiful mountains and spent days enjoying myself rather than pursuing one and only reason I was out there: “hunting for the job”. I will tell you about my meeting with a wizard, who turned out to be a fake, but also about some hidden places where you can find friends who will give you all important stimuli for your important journey.

I will tell you about times I knew I can rely on what other people said and times when no one but me and my guts feelings were put in test while deciding which path to take. I will also tell you what everything I had to leave behind, once I have decided to go for the job hunt mission.

And as I am back blogging I have also new guest post ready for you, featuring Etienne Besson who will tell us in the series “From HR Toddler to Here and Now” about his beginnings. 

See Ya...;-)

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