Monday, 3 August 2009

Hmm where to start...?

Hmm... wondering about my first words.
Hmm... still wondering...
...Huge frustration from another day of endless research about where to start and/or what to do next with my HR degree.
Bearing in mind importance of networking I try to keep up with as many social networks as possible. Meanwhile I realise that I could use some universal tool for accessing all of them at the same time.
Ooops my 4 years old laptop doesn’t keep up with my multitasking and I am ending up buying new computer. This time I go for desktop since performance in my case wins over mobility and price matters very much.
So now I am quick behind computer reorganising my outlook, developing state of art Google Reader to access all I need from one page while constantly coming across to new ideas about how to make myself as much efficient as possible.
From here it doesn’t take much for gadget freak as I am to try and transfer all possible applications related to my continual professional development to my windows mobile.
Furthermore reading CIPD book about Continual Professional Development while starting up my own CPD portfolio on CIPD website should help me to develop myself even further.
Also thinking about opening blog and become active member on HR forums.
That’s not all though. While having summer break from my MSC CIPD course at university I have also promised myself to hunt for a HR job since the one I have is focused too much on day to day operational issues. I have to admit however that I got enough support from fellow managers as well as from my superiors to apply my knowledge of HR. Since I got my HRM degree in February 2009 I had chance to run number of development projects leading towards raising standards and better performance of the workforce.
BUT I am still not perceived as a HR person (which is quite fair, considering the fact that organisation I work for can only afford one HR manager). This is exactly my problem though, while I spend considerable amount of time developing HR in workplace where it doesn’t count as my HR practice, how much of it will count when I will try and sell myself on HR job market?
So can you feel it? (If I didn’t put you of before these lines). While there is some negativity in my text I want to assure you that I still believe in bright future and in my environment I am percieved as a positive thinker.

Thus whatever you take from this article please don’t judge me for its messiness of random thoughts since this was a point of it at the first place. I have missed plenty of details about my job hunting issues in the middle of recession as well as too little time for my private life. Furthermore my doubts about my chances to succeed in good companies if I am not coming from prestigious university although I have secured myself 2.1. And what about the fact that I am not British and English is not my first language?
Blablabla, you can say and I agree with you in many ways, however this is a blog for all of you who have same mess at their start line in their HR career as I have.
Ps. Who knows? One day we will all share how did we go through it.
Good luck and heads up.

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