Monday, 6 February 2012

Talking about learning in my life.

This time I would like you to go and check my guest post visiting Sukh Pabial's "Thinking about Learning". It is great to be part of his HR Blogs Carnival. Sukh is asking people to share their biggest learning in their life.  Saying "I don't know" and learning how not to be afraid being wrong were my greatest lessons. You can find out how and why here.
I am sure you yourself have loads to share about your life lessons. Sukh or @Naturalgrump as known on twitter is looking for others to come forward and use his great blog to share their wisdom. Go on do it, it feels good....

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Un-Grump your Christmas

This puzzles me a lot. Grumpy faces of most of the people you bump into on your mission browsing shopping malls looking for this perfect present. TV will on top of that present a program about grumpy Christmas. It was actually fun to watch and I can see where the frustration comes from yet at the end I say one thing. “Get a life”

Now I am not suggesting that people with too many bad memories and/or too much pain related to this time of the year should be seen as grumpy and wrong. All I want to say is that it seems that many others who have no reason whatsoever get this anti-Christmas face as a result of what appears to be fashionable response to Christmas.
Is that You?
Another common misinterpretation of the Christmas is that people tend to focus on that one day when all family is around and presents are opened. Well wrong again, Christmas starts long time before that and it should be never forgotten. How many of us know this strange feeling on the 25th when no one seems to play their natural role.

Christmas is more than just stuffed turkey and well chosen gift. For me nothing beats the preparation time right from the moment when you start thinking about ideal gifts through the planning with your family menu for the day, having fun decorating your house, getting ginger late in the shopping mall and baking cookies together. It is indeed also about chasing your delivery services where no one seems to know where your parcel is, but all in the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas is seriously magical time when some extraordinary things happen with people. Stop for a second and look around when you are in the mall. Imagine that your attitude towards Christmas is soaked by these wonderful gifts you have bought. Now smell it. Is it nice? Think about that as your present will be unwrapped this is the odour your loved ones will get.

So, question to all of you today: 

What kind of whiff would your presents give your loved ones when they open them?

Indeed if you get it right it’s another story ;-)

PS for Ladies: It is maybe me but it seems that women do go this extra mile a lot at the Christmas and if not noted by their close ones risk of frustration taking over is high. I truly admire you all, especially mothers juggling work and all the other stuff. Your effort is not forgotten and Christmas would never be the same without you. Also please let your men play over the Christmas with their gadgets. 

PS for Gentlemen: My Zuzi knows that I appreciate all her efforts. Does yours?  Also make her a breakfast in bed this Christmas, and if she says that you didn't have to do that, smile back but don't believe that she means it for a second. It is an old trap. 

PS for Managers: Christmas party does not make you caring employer. What does we can discuss in a new year, for now I would say one thing. Go and ask your employees don't assume you know what they want and/or need.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My Favourite Things to Do this Christmas

This post is a lot about myself and won't necessarily enhance your day or Christmas. It's about me and me alone. So if you decide to carry on reading don't complain if you get bored. I have warned you. 

My Favourite things to do this Christmas are:
1.       Being grateful
-          First of all for good health I and Zuzi enjoy.
-          For over 16 years long relationship with person I can’t imagine live without.
-          For my career taking a rollercoaster ride where my skills are being tested really thoroughly.
-          For genuine help and support from some of my colleagues at work when my day wasn’t as I have planned.
-          For my online friends who followed my tweets and my blog for a year now. They were a significant part of my personal revolution this year. (which is still on)
-          For learning so much and feeling no pressure or pain while doing it.

2.       Taking holiday for Christmas
As most of you know, this year I have started my new job. The job, which allows me to have proper Christmas. Just to give you some perspective here, I have been working in hospitality industry for over 17 years. I have spent my Christmas with my family maybe twice in that period of time. While I was very lucky on two occasions to be around the Christmas tree when the spirit was on the peak it is my first Christmas after many years when I am once again learning to enjoy every bit of it.
I am simultaneously writing post about what Christmas mean to me and will share it with you soon.
3.       Food (Cooking and Eating it)
Those of you who know me well don’t need many comments here.
My pallet is one of my favourite sources of happiness.
Not only for Christmas Eve itself. (Christmas dinner in my house is 24th following Slovakian tradition) but rather every single day of my holiday. I love Christmas for many things but creating and eating good food makes it really special. For having this opportunity to live life where I can afford most of the stuff available in the grocery shops really makes me feel blessed. 

4.       Catching up with blogs
Ever since I’ve started my new job in July this year my heart was crying for some quality time with my favourite bloggers. This Christmas I am hoping to catch up with some of them as this will really make me happy. Also my own blog needs some attention too, there is a lot to tell and I won’t have peace of mind until I share some of my stories from this year.

5.       Reading
Got a Kindle for my Birthday last week. A keyboard version is great and if you ever doubt paying extra for free 3G, you must be mad.